Publish process copies all of your book's content and creates a published version of your book. You can continue working on your book and publish as many times as you need. Right before you start publish process, you can customize the cover page.

Publish Options window contains various options such as list of authors, prefix phrase, title customization, and description.

The process may take few minutes depending on the amount of data. You can check its status in Publication page, and once it's completed, you will receive an email notification.

Supported Formats

  • HTML – HTML book is designed for desktop and mobile browsers. Because of its wide availability and support for various types of content, it's ideal for reference materials and short stories.
  • EPUB – EPUB is an open standard for electronic books and can be imported into your mobile devices or read on desktop using software such as Calibre.†
  • PDF – PDF format is ideal for printing and some of mobile devices.†

† EPUB and PDF are available to books upgraded to Plus+ only.

Consistent and Classic Design

Lacuna Books' clean and polished design is carried through all three formats, and you can expect to see all of your figures, captions, references, cross links, and bibliography rendered consistently.