Participants included artists, designers, curators, engineers, computer scientists, hardware hackers, or a combination of this list. Thirty-seven people were interviewed in total. Ten of the participants considered themselves to be more on the engineering side, eleven identified themselves as artists and eight people were designers. Five people felt they were equally on both sides of engineering and art or design. Three people were interviewed for a different purpose and the question did not apply. Ten were female and twenty-seven were male. The participants were chosen based on Igoe's advisement and the author's network of artists and Arduino enthusiasts. Two artists who work with different microcontrollers were interviewed for comparison. The array of people embodied in this section exemplifies the scope of the audience interviewed for this research.

Participant Mode Current Location Contribution
Paola Antonelli* Senior Curator of Design and Architecture MoMA, New York Influential supporter of Arduino in museums
Hernando Barragán* Artist Barraganstudio Creator of the Wiring board
John Bennett Artist Skylab Gallery Supporter of Arduino in galleries
Julian Bleeker Designer Near Future Labratory Designer using and modifying Arduino
Jan Borchers Head of the Media Computing Group RWTH Aachen University Creator of the LumiNet board
Jennifer Bove Interaction Designer Kicker Studio Student from Ivrea
Leah Buechley Engineering / Dance MIT Media Lab Creator of the LilyPad
Dario Buzzini Interaction Designer IDEO Student from Ivrea
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino CEO is the company behind Arduino
Rob Faludi Artist Interactive Telecommunications Program NYU, SVA Co-creator of the LilyPad Xbee
Limor Fried Founder & Engineer Adafruit Industries Influential hacker of Arduino
HC Gilje Artist Bergen National Academy of the Arts Creator of the Arduino StandAlone
Dana Gordon Designer Design Consultant Student from Ivrea
Mark Gross Architect / Computer Scientist Carnegie Mellon University Studies tangible interaction toolkits and platforms
Usman Haque Artist and designer Haque Design + Research Created shields and many pieces with the Arduino
Kate Hartman Artist University of Toronto Co-creator of the LilyPad Xbee
Bjöern Hartmann Designer / Computer Scientist Berkeley Institute of Design at University of California Berkeley Creator of Phidgets-Arduino shield
Jeff Hoefs Artist Smart Design Hardware hacker with Arduino
Tom Igoe* Designer and Author Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU Arduino team member
Younghui Kim Designer Hongik University Taught the class that produced DMDuino
Edith Kollath Artist NYC Resistor New media artist using the Arduino
Josh Kopel Artist Kolaboration Studio Artist using Arduino
Mike Kuniavsky Designer ThingM Co-creator of BlinkM's
Tod Kurt Engineer ThingM and Co-creator of BlinkM's and a plethora Arduino hacks
Jean-Baptiste Labrune Engineer / postdoctoral associate Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab Early adaptor and educator of Arduino workshops. Develops Creativity Research Tools for artists and scientists
David Mellis* Interaction Designer MIT Media Lab Co-creator of the Arduino
Eric Pan Engineer Seeed Studio Created Seeeduino and Rainbowduino among others
Douglas Repetto Musician Columbia University Founder of dorkbot and artbot
James Seawright Artist Independent Created interactive art before Arduino was released
Rebecca Stern Artist / Journalist Make / Craft magazines Artist using Arduino and influential journalist
Peter Terezakis Artist Independent Created art with different microcontrollers
Clive Thompson* Journalist Wired Author of "Build It. Share It. Profit." article in Wired about the Arduino and open source
Phillip Torrone* Design / Editor Adafruit Industries / Make Magazine Influential writer on Arduino
Dave Vondle Engineer / Designer IDEO Creator of the Arduino mini shield
Fabian Winkler Artist and Educator Purdue University Media artist using Arduino
Nicholas Zambetti Computer Scientist / Designer IDEO Co-creator of the Arduino
David Zicarelli Engineer Cycling74 Creator of MAX
Table 4-1 Participants (* denotes people who were asked a different set of specific questions based on their role.)