One of difficult tasks in book writing is keeping track of figures. Lacuna Books provides a repository for various types of figures so that you can manage its meta data and insert them consistently in your book. Because it knows which figures are used where, it can consolidate a list of figures automatically for you.

Figure-all-list.pngFigure 4-8 There are five types of a figure-- Code Snippet, File, Image, Table, and Video.


Supported file types for image upload are JPG, GIF, and PNG. During the upload process, Lacuna Books automatically resizes it into three different dimensions and stores them for you. Let's look at the properties that affect the look-and-feel of your new figure:

  • Dimension: Select from original, large, medium, or smalllarge is 700px wide and fits the whole width of the HTML page; medium is 300px wide and takes up about a half of the HTML page; small is 200px wide. 
  • Figure label: All figures are automatically numbered based on its position in respect to sections. For example, a second figure of section that corresponds to Chapter 3 gets a label of Figure 3-2. If you like, you can change the label to Attachment, Chart, Code, Figure, Illustration, Picture, Program, Table, or Video. Different labels get their own numbering.
  • Alignment: Select from none, left, center, or right. When large dimension is used, it's best to use either none or center. The medium dimension is appropriate with left or right so that your text floats next to the image. 
  • Link to the original image: if you're not using original dimension, use this option to link the image to the original version. 

File type works very similarly with image— upload a file and it gets embedded as below. It's good for providing extra attachment or document.

Hello.pdf601 KB
Attachment 4-1
Code Snippet

Lacuna Books is a great tool for writing technical materials such as programming references and manuals.

LCN.App.Model.Source = Class.extend({ id: null, destroy: function(callback) { var self = this; $.ajax({ url: '/books/'+self.book_id+'/sources/' + + '.json', type: 'POST', data: '_method=delete', success: function(data) { if (typeof(callback) == "function") callback(data); }, error: function(data) { } }); } });
Program 4-1
Borough Population (2010) Land Area (sq. mi)
Manhattan 1,585,873 23
The Bronx 1,385,108 42
Brooklyn 2,504,700 71
Queens 2,230,722 109
Staten Island 468,730 58
Table 4-1 New York's Five Boroughs