If you are reading this, you are likely to be someone interested in writing and publishing your work on the web. While working on Lacuna Books, I couldn't help notice how similar writing process is to programming. It requires a long time by oneself, self-discipline is mandatory, and a periodic walk in the park is quite helpful. For some, it can be as casual as a weekend project and as grand as a path to self discovery. Ultimately it comes down to creating something meaningful out of thin air, and that is worth being celebrated. 

If you are one of those creators and builders wanting to share knowledge and ideas, I truly hope you find Lacuna Books useful. It is an authoring tool tailored for digital book production. It understands hierarchy of chapters and sections, enables you to focus on writing content rather than formatting and style, and provides tools for storing and managing supplementary data such as figures and references. Also, it produces clean, consistent output in HTML, EPUB, and PDF format.

It is great for academic papers such as this, short stories such as this, and software user guide such as one you're reading now. Although it is geared towards individual writers, eventually it is going to be a great collaboration tool allowing team members to get notified of activities and manage revisions. 

I hope to hear from you about how you're using the tool and what features you're looking forward to using. You can reach me at amie(at) Thanks for the visit, and go on, create something.

May 10, 2013