Book Editor Overview

The first screen you see after creating a book from Dashboard is the Book Editor. This is the main workspace where you create an outline and write your chapters. There is much to absorb in one screen, so let's look at each area one at a time.

book-editor-overview.pngFigure 4-1 Book Editor consists of Outline Tool and Content Editor.

The Title Bar spans on the top and underneath it there is the Outline Tool and Content Editor. From the left to right, the Title Bar presents the cover image, visibility icon (whether it is public or private), book title, author(s), and the current user's role. To the right, there are three permission settings.

book-editor-settings.gifFigure 4-2 Update permission settings from the Title Bar.

  • Status: In Draft or Published. A published book can be accessed by team members (if visibility is private) or visitors (if visibility is public.)
  • Visibility: Private or Public. Determines the visibility setting for the book. 
  • Review: No review, Invite only, Open to public.  A published HTML book can accept comments, or reviews if the review option is set to either Invite only or Open to public. If set to Invite only, only the team members can contribute to review. 

These settings can be updated from the Title Bar by clicking the current value and changing the dropdown value.