Lacuna Books is the best way to write and publish a book.

Lacuna Books is an application designed specially for writing books, research papers, and technical documentation. It helps you manage content more effectively and produces beautiful digital books.

Tailored for Writing a Large Document

such as a book, research paper, technical writing, and more

The Outline Tool allows you to organize your content with a drag-and-drop outline interface. It automatically gets mapped into a table of contents and offers flexible options to organize your content. Learn more...

The Outline Tool provides a bird's eye view of your entire book.
A closer look of the Outline Tool— clicking a section opens up Section Properties window. Gray tags are system generated tags that tell you what type of figures are used in each section. You can add user defined tags as well, indicated in blue color.

Smart Editor

Lacuna Books Editor is smart— because it is aware of document entities such as chapters, figures, and references, it is able to automate these otherwise mundane tasks. It numbers chapters and figures based on the order specified in the outline. It can pull meta data of a figure without having to specify it again and again. It generates a table of contents, bibliography, and a list of figures for you. It can cross reference chapters and figures and helps you to cite references in footnotes. Learn more...

There are five types of figures— code snippet, file, image, table, and video. Each figure type has different forms for adding content, but shares a common set of fields such as caption and figure label.
In a footnote, you can cite one or more references, and reference information gets inserted automatically.

Beautifully Crafted Digital Books

Because Lacuna Books stores your book content in XHTML, it can transform it into multiple formats very cleanly. The final output of HTML, EPUB, and PDF is a pleasure to read, and you can regenerate them as many times as you need. Learn more...

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